Grand rounds

Grand rounds in integrative medicine
During the past twenty years, Multimed Inc. has guided to fruition a plethora of educational projects and publications designed specifically for medical students, fellows, and other individuals training in various medical specialties. Those projects include the renowned “Grand Rounds Series” in orthopedics and urology, and an organ transplantation medical guide, among others. Recognized internationally for its work, Multimed is now focusing those strengths found in those projects on its new Medical Paradigm portfolio.
The initial project, now under way, is a study of the benefits of tai chi chuan for peritoneal dialysis patients. That project, developed by Multimed in cooperation with the International Federation of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan and the University Health Network (Toronto Western Hospital), is the first of its kind in the world. Once the study is completed, its design, outcomes, and models will be posted online for review and discussion by medical students and other individuals who are interested in developing similar models for implementation in hospitals or medical teaching facilities.
Other, similar projects in other specialty areas are also currently undergoing review or are in the early initiation stages.

For further information contact president of Multimed Inc., Lorne Cooper (1+905-875-2456).

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