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Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”, said Einstein. Let’s show our children the way to think, let’s make them think. Learning should be made as much creative as possible. Kids learn better when you show them practically. A simple example is, show a kid a picture of Apple and teach. Show another kid a real apple. Give it in its hands, and I bet you, the child never forgets apple. So,instead of showing them CD’s, Tablet’s,TV shows; take them to the park, fields. Let them ask questions!! Do not stop them or at least, do not discourage. If you don’t know the answer, gain some time and get back. 

Give them situations to think. A middle school child will learn lots from a single outing. Mingling with people, basic organizing ways, money matters, etc. so gift the child with situations and allow them to come up with solutions. Your help is very much needed, but not by handicapping the child. Help them in their projects, please do not do it all yourself. Let’s not spoon feed our kids. Doing so, we are raising incapable persons. Sometimes, struggles make a man better. It gives him space to think about what went wrong and how should he correct them.

Teach them about every phase of life, assist them every step forward. Become a part of their lives by showing them the path.   Allow those tiny brains to work and you will be amazed with the outcome. Do not force them to do a certain task just because you want them to do. A child getting an average grade, with good number of friends, spending time with family, enjoying small trips always grows up as a healthy person. Unlike a child with higher grades always be under the stress to Maintain that grade or even reach higher, and gets to depression when his goal is not met.

Let’s not drive them goal oriented. We humans are gifted with thinking capability and let’s utilize it. We humans are creating machines (robots). Let us not become one!! We have the right equipment’s to change our lives for good. Our attitudes and thinking make us a person what we aspire for! So let’s think good, think better and live better. Education is to empower the mankind, let’s not change it by destructing the man from within.


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Achieving the desired success requires patience and persistence your goals need time

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Achieving the desired success requires patience and persistence.

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