Thinking is not a term It's a process

Thinking is not a term. It’s a process. This is what differentiates a man and a mammal! Education is a tool to develop thinking ability, apply it rightly to get a desired and correct output. Unfortunately, we live in a concrete jungle where thinking is just a word of the past. People are asked to do just as “advised/said”. Everyone needs instant results. Education in today’s world has become a Business. Money has rooted its roots very deep. The term “good” has changed many things “bad”. The system needs money at every level. A simple Pre-KG class costs a whopping price, and branding comes in, alluring the market! This has made every person associated with this field, the child, parent, tutor, school, whole education system very result oriented. This disables the actual thinking capacity of a child/student and focus only on certain aspects.

Education is not just those grades on the sheet. They are a person’s treasure, asset and wealth. Imparting it the right way, at the right time will deliver outstanding individuals, not just academically, but, as a total human being. “Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge, and knowledge makes you great”. These words were said by a great teacher, scientist, people’s .

President, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Learning has power to change the whole world. The scientists, great personalities, famous business men of today were once young child with full of ideas and thoughts. Barter system!! We give money as fee, we expect a brilliant engineer who earns more than his capacity. The brands of institutes, those tutorials, those ranks/grades are the talk of town always. We as parents often tend to believe that a seat in a reputed institute guarantees a successful child. No! That’s never true always. We fail to see the backend process the kid/child is going through to reach those standards.

Every parent wants their kid to be a 1st rank holder or at least majority of them. Ranks have become a deciding factor of a child’s ability. We are pressurizing our kids to such an extent that they are just becoming slaves to the given syllabus. We are not allowing them to think out of the box or implement new ideas on In certain nations, kidsare never burdened till they turn 5 or even 7. But in few others, they have to pick n pack their bags when they are start walking (approx. 2) and what they do? Read! How?? Through slides, rhymes and teacher telling. Does that help the purpose?
We are creating robots that accept an input, process it and throw the output. Robots never lead a life. They don’t understand Success or Failure. They don’t understand Happiness or can give one. We don’t think it well before everything goes out of hands.

Each child has a different talent and ability. The right education aims at bringing out that hidden talent, building them, shaping those talents to achieve greater heights in life. We are not bothered about their overall development as a good child/human. We think that, it’s okay for kids to miss their playtime because of studies. We fail to understand that kids with good exposure to the outside world are the actual Winners in life. They get education through experience. See, touch, hear and feel - these help them to memorize a particular thing for a longer duration. Teachers/mentors/tutors play a vital role. They are the ones who impart knowledge. Make a person know of what he is unaware of!

Teach your son to eat fish, he can survive. Teach him fishing, he will earn his livelihood”.

An old saying, with a deep meaning. Mentors, who take that extra effort in making learning joyful and memorable, go a long way in building and shaping a person’s future. A good tutor enables his avid followers to think themselves capable of imagining bigger goals and achieving them with little hard work.  They become a role model. Teachers inspire kids to become what they really want to.
So the inspiration, right from a young age, will make a person think not just academics, but about his morals and become a responsible human. They in turn become role models to the younger ones. That’s how the tree should grow.

We as parents should also contribute for this holistic development of the child. We must give them the confidence at every level and never let them feel ignored or incapable. Let’s not handicap our children to just few books and curriculums. Let’s nurture them at every step and see the flowers bloom with full fragrance and lots of colors.

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Achieving the desired success requires patience and persistence.

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